Valve Action is a fast-drying liquid paint marker that provides long-lasting, wear- and weather-resistant marks that are safe for almost any surface. As the most versatile liquid paint marker in the world, the xylene-free paint reduces user health risks and is available in 18 bold and fluorescent colors for accurate mark identification.   Get Current Pricing
Laco-Markal Valve-Action Paint Markers
  • Marks with real lead-free paint, dries in 3 minutes.
  • Long-lasting, weather-, water-, and UV-resistant markers with better, brighter coverage compared to ink markers.
  • Marks on all surfaces including: metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, cardboard and paper.
  • Durable nib permits fine line marking or bold, thick marks visible from long distances.
  • Replaceable fiber nib assures longer life and complete use of each marker.
  • Improved "flowmatic" valve releases paint on-demand for smooth, continuous marks.
  • Sturdy metal barrel features b crimped barrel design that prevent leakage while withstanding heavy industrial use.
  • Marking temperature range: -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C)
Laco-Markal Pro-Line - HP High Performance Liquid Paint Markers
Markal® Pro-Line HP® is the next generation of industrial liquid paint marker, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy industrial user. Pro-Line HP® marks with durable, bold colors in the most difficult industrial applications without the health or environmental issues of other liquid paint markers. Get Current Pricing
Pro-Line HP Liquid Paint Markers
  • Unsurpassed writing capability on oily, soapy, and wet surfaces left by cutting fluids, rust protectants and metal forming lubricants
  • Leaves permanent, durable paint marks that dry quickly, won't wear off, and resist fading under the harshest conditions
  • Xylene-free, without any California Proposition 65, EPA HAPS, or SARA 313 listed chemicals, Pro-Line HP® minimizes employee health or environmental concerns
  • Low in halogenated compounds and sulfur for maximum use in corrosion sensitive applications
  • Excellent marking properties on most types of metals and coated metal surfaces including carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, powder coating, PVC plastics and epoxies
  • Also an excellent choice for marking on most types of plastic, rubber compounds, glass, ceramics and many other non-porous surfaces
  • 3 mm medium point bullet tip nib
  • Marking temperature range: -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C)