BostikŪ Thermogrip Glue Sticks

Hot Melt Glue Sticks

A Quick, Clean and Economical way to bond a wide variety of materials from wood, metal and glass to hard-to-bond plastics and vinyl. Offering polyamides, polyesters and EVA copolymers, they're fast, non-toxic and non-flammable.

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Product # Product Description, Features, and Applications(3) FDA(1) Typical Viscosity @ 350°F Approx. Temp. Service Range(4) Open Time A(2)
HM0130 EVA. Best Bond®. Medium open-time; bonds to many difficult substrates, including ABS. Better resistance to yellowing and UV exposure than standard semi-clear sticks. Y 11,200 cps. 0°F to 152°F Med-Long
HM0720 EVA. Highly versatile. Bonds to most porous and many non-porous substrates, open or closed-cell foams; styrene and EPS for specialty packaging. Applied at 280°F to 400°F. Semi-clear Y 2,300 cps. -20°F to 165°F Medium
HM2107 EVA. Medium performance and features, viscosity, open-time and "hot-tack." Good general purpose product for porous substrates, product assembly, packaging, Straw color. Y 7,750 cps. -20°F to 160°F Medium
HM2109 EVA. Low viscosity, medium-setting, good hot tack for corrugated and packaging applications. Applied at 280°F to 400°F to many other porous substrates, including wood and some foams. Tan. Y 2,700 cps. -10°F to 165°F Medium
HM2124 EVA-PE. High performance, all-purpose bonding for many difficult substrates or combinations. Longer open-time product provides strong, flexible bonds. Translucent appearance. Y 15,000 cps. -20°F to 154°F Long
HM6239 Polyamide. Low applications viscosity, high temperature resistance and long open time. Plasticizer resistant for vinyl bonding. Used for difficult product assembly applications. Amber color. Y 3,900 cps. 0°F to 239°F Long
HM6305 EVA. Fast setting, low viscosity with excellent quick-tack and good heat resistance for packaging. Adheres to a variety of coated and uncoated board stocks. Pale yellow color. Y 1,400 cps. -20°F to 174°F Short
HM6327 EVA. Low viscosity, medium open-time, flexible bonding to porous substrates, wood, fabrics, carpeting and some plastics. Economical, good for craft-floral markets. Translucent. Y 11,000 cps. -22°F to 158°F Medium
HM6363 EVA. All-purpose, high performance, flexible bonds to a wide range of materials. Used in product assembly for dissimilar or difficult substrate materials bonding. Opaque, off-white color. Y 19,000 cps. -22°F to 125°F Med-Long
HM6368 PE blend. Combines high viscosity, fast-setting and wide temperature resistance for demanding packaging, product assembly or repair applications. Opaque, light amber color. Y 42,500 cps. -50°F to 170°F Short
HM6390 EVA. Medium open-time, versatile product for bonding many plastics, including ABS, Lexan, polyethylene and phenolics. Good wood bonding. Wide temperature resistance range. Light straw. Y 12,500 cps. -40°F to 160°F Medium