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Ten Tips For Using Hot Melt Glue Sticks
1. When using any hot melt product, consult our MSDS Page (Material Safety Data Sheets) prior to use. This also includes any operating instructions with the hot melt application equipment or glue gun.
2. Wear proper clothing and ALWAYS wear protective eyewear when working with or near hot melt adhesives. Heat-resistant gloves and long sleeved shirts should be worn. In general, minimize any possibility that molten adhesive may come in contact with unprotected or exposed skin, hair, or any part of the body.

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3. All surfaces to be bonded should be cleaned and free of contaminants. If necessary, clean or wipe surfaces with solvent. In some cases, lightly abrading the surfaces will provide best results.
4. "Open-time" varies and can be controlled somewhat depending on application temperature, amount of adhesive applied, type of substrate and ambient temperature conditions. Operator application technique plays an important role here in achieving optimum results.
5. Apply the hot melt adhesive to the more difficult-to-bond surface. In general, hard, smooth surfaces are more difficult to bond than rough, porous surfaces.
6. Mate the surfaces to be bonded as quickly as possible after adhesive has been applied for optimum bond strength.
7. Use firmest pressure practical for object(s) being bonded. Do NOT more or adjust surfaces after contact has been made, as inferior bonding will result.
8. Bonding some metals is enhanced by pre-warming the surfaces. Pre-warm up to 200°F (95°C) for optimum effect.
9. Because of inherent flexibility or "rubberiness," combined with an excellent ability to bond to a wide variety of substrates, certain stick formulas (for example: 2124 or 6330) can be difficult to run in some glue guns, especially after idle durations greater than 20 minutes. It is recommended to run these flexible/rubbery products in guns having flexible feeding (inlet) tubes or semi-rigid Teflon® feeding tubes, and to keep gun idling times as short as possible.
10. Typically, a properly formed hot melt adhesive bond will achieve 50% of its strength after one minute, 75% of its strength after one hour, and 100% after one day.


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