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Permatex® Maintenance and Repair products help to prevent breakdowns, eliminate costly delays, cut repairs costs and prolong equipment life. Through almost 100 years of Permatex history, plant maintenance engineers and specialists have relied upon Permatex chemical solutions to handle many of the complex mechanical problems they face with maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.


Permatex® Counterman's Choice™ - is the right amount for the job!  
Permatex® Counterman's Choice™ A line of single use lubricants and threadlockers ideal for the typical job. Each item in the line contains a premium chemical product just as you would expect from Permatex®. These convenient pouches also have the "Easy Squeeze Spout" for no-mess, accurate dispensing. Counterman's Choice™ single use pouches are a convenient and economical way for the professional to complete a wide range of repairs.
Product Container Size Details & Price
Medium Strength Threadlocker BLUE
1 ml. Pouch
36 per Pack
High Strength Threadlocker RED
1 ml. Pouch
36 per Pack

Permatex® Prussian Blue  
Permatex® Prussian Blue Aids precision fitting of machined surfaces. Locates high spots on bearings, valves and other close-to-tolerance components. Non-drying. Easy clean up.

Suggested applications: Bearings, valves, gears, other close tolerance or machined assemblies.

Product Container Size Details & Price
.75 fl. oz. Tube
36 per Pack

Permatex® Heavy Duty Rubberized Undercoating  
Permatex® Heavy Duty Rubberized Undercoating Now with improved formula! Rubberized for maximum durability; seals, protects and insulates. Excellent professional blend all-purpose coating. LEVEL 3.

Suggested applications: Automotive frames, rocker panels and wheels. Other uses include sealing gutters, roofs, drain systems and tree pruning.

Product Container Size Details & Price
20 oz. Aerosol Can
16 oz. net weight
12 per Pack

Permatex® Rust Treatment  
Permatex® Rust Treatment Provides one-step rust treatment that destroys old rust, prevents new rust. Just brush or spray it on. Within minutes, rust disappears and a durable black polymer coating develops. Excellent protective primer. leaves a tough coating you can paint over. Specially formulated to be used with body filler and fiberglass. Aerosol - LEVEL 2. Suggested applications: Pipes, valves, fittings, truck trailers, storage tanks, fences, guardrails, conveyors, supports, overhead cranes, booms, floor gratings, ductwork, agricultural equipment, snow removal equipment, outdoor sign supports, posts, hatch covers.
Product Container Size Details & Price
1 gal. Bottle
4 per Pack

Permatex® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive
Permatex® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive A professional, high strength weatherstrip adhesive ideal for bonding a variety of common materials. Permanently bonds weatherstrip and a variety of neoprene and other materials. Withstands temperature extremes. Waterproof. Resists gasoline, antifreeze, kerosene, and most solvents.
Product Container Size Details & Price
81731 5 fl. oz. Tube, Boxed
12 per Pack


Permatex® Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive
Permatex® Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive A professional, black weatherstrip adhesive that blends with black weather stripping for less clean-up. Withstands temperature extremes. Resistant to gasoline, kerosene, antifreeze and most solvents. Permanently bonds all weather stripping. A superior adhesive for bonding a variety of common materials.
Product Container Size Details & Price
81850 5 fl. oz. Tube, Boxed
12 per Pack


Lab Metal® Repair Putty
Lab Metal® Repair Putty Ready-to-use aluminum-filled repair and patching compound. Spreads like paste, hardens into metal. Adheres to metal, wood, plastic, glass, fiberglass and more. Apply right from the can. Can be milled, drilled, tapped, ground and sanded smooth. Will not shrink or crack. Water resistant, rustproof. Withstands heat to 350°F (higher for one-time powder coating exposures). Thin with Lab-solvent for brushing or spraying. Durable, permanent filler for patching seams and cracks, rebuilding worn metal surfaces, repairing dented metal; finishing welds, filling holes and imperfections in metal castings. May be powder coated for single exposures up to 420°F, no longer than 20 minutes.
Product Container Size Details & Price
LM-6 6 oz.
LM-12 12 oz.
LM-24 24 oz.
LM-128 1 gal.

Hi-Temp Lab Metal® - Permanent Repair Compound - Withstands 1000°F
Hi-Temp Lab Metal® - Permanent Repair Compound Hi-Temp Lab-metal is ready-to-use right from the can. Developed for difficult repairs subject to excessive heat, Hi-Temp Lab-metal withstands temperatures as high as 1000°F. Applied with a putty knife or similar tool. No two-component mixing or measuring is necessary. Many applications may be made from a single can. After each use, to prevent Hi-Temp Lab-metal from hardening in the can, pour Lab-solvent over the remaining Hi-Temp Lab-metal contents, then cover tightly. (Stir the solvent into the Hi-Temp Lab-metal before using again). Lab-solvent is also used to thin Hi-Temp Lab-metal for brush-on applications.
Product Container Size Details & Price
LM-HT-14 14 oz.
LM-HT-24 24 oz.

Lab Metal® Solvent
Lab Metal® Solvent Thinner for Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal, and metal cleaner. Lab-solvent cuts grease, oil and dirt, and is recommended as a metal cleaner and degreaser to prepare surfaces for Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal applications. Removes paint quickly and efficiently. Lab-solvent thins Lab-metal to paint consistency for brushing or spraying a metallic coating. To prevent hardening of Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal in the can, wet the surface of the metal repair compound with Lab-solvent and cover tightly after each use.
Product Container Size Details & Price
LS-16 1 pt.
LS-128 1 gal.

Lab Metal® Heat Block
Lab Metal® Heat Block Heat Block is an insulation compound with unique heat absorbing properties which insulate against heat transfer during welding, soldering, brazing or other heat treatment. The heat absorption properties protect closely soldered parts, valve gasketing, thin gauge metal, and other materials which could be damaged during repair or installation work. HEAT BLOCK is used to protect plastic drain pipes in close proximity to metal pipes being replaced or soldered. HEAT BLOCK prevents distortion to light gauge metals, protects rubber and plastic components, and painted or finished surfaces while soldering, brazing or welding.
Product Container Size Details & Price
HB-16 1 pt.
HB-32 1 qt.
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