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Hot Glue Sticks
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Hot Glue Sticks

Hot Melt Glue Sticks  
Hot Melt Glue Sticks A Quick, Clean and Economical way to bond a wide variety of materials from wood, metal and glass to hard-to-bond plastics and vinyl. Offering polyamides, polyesters and EVA copolymers, they're fast, non-toxic and non-flammable.

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Product # Product  Description, Features, and Applications(3) FDA(1) Typical Viscosity @ 350F Approx. Temp. Service Range(4) Open Time A(2) Details & Price
0110 EVA-based. Clear product for porous substrates where an invisible or "hidden" bond line is important. Used widely in craft, floral and fabric bonding applications. Y 11,000 cps.  -20F to 154F Medium
0120 EVA. Medium viscosity, open-time and good hot-tack formulated for premium wood bonding. Strong bonds to other porous substrates, like paper, fabrics and some leathers. Tan color. Y 8,600 cps. -20F to 149F Short-Med
0130 EVA. Best Bond. Medium open-time; bonds to many difficult substrates, including ABS. Better resistance to yellowing and UV exposure than standard semi-clear sticks. Y 11,200 cps. 0F to 152F Med-Long
0140 EVA. Medium viscosity, general purpose hot melt for bonding porous substrates in light0duty, hobby, craft or floral applications. Economical. Semi-translucent appearance.   11,000 cps. -10F to 155F Medium
0720 EVA. Highly versatile. Bonds to most porous and many non-porous substrates, open or closed-cell foams; styrene and EPS for specialty packaging. Applied at 280F to 400F. Semi-clear Y 2,300 cps. -20F to 165F Medium
1525 Polyamide performance and flexible bonds in woodworking assembly applications. Oil resistant, wide-temperature resistance. Also good for fabric and other porous substrates.   11,500 cps. -20F to 196F Medium
2102 EVA. Faster setting than 2109, slower than 6305. Hard stick offers maximum gun "idling" time with minimal feeding problems. Used in "standby" assembly or packaging applications. Y 5,750 cps. 0F to 156F Short
2103 EVA-PE. Low viscosity, high performance bonding of many plastics and other non-porous substrates or dissimilar materials. Medium open-time range. Colorless. Y 5,500 cps. 0F to 156F Short-Med
2105 EVA. Low viscosity, short open-time for woodworking and packaging applications. Runs well in low performance guns. Applied at 280F to 400F. Straw or light yellow color. Y 2,025 cps. -20F to 150F Short
2107 EVA. Medium performance and features, viscosity, open-time and "hot-tack." Good general purpose product for porous substrates, product assembly, packaging, Straw color. Y 7,750 cps. -20F to 160F Medium
2109 EVA. Low viscosity, medium-setting, good hot tack for corrugated and packaging applications. Applied at 280F to 400F to many other porous substrates, including wood and some foams. Tan. Y 2,700 cps. -10F to 165F Medium
2124 EVA-PE. High performance, all-purpose bonding for many difficult substrates or combinations. Longer open-time product provides strong, flexible bonds. Translucent appearance. Y 15,000 cps. -20F to 154F Long
2239 Polyamide. Low applications viscosity, high temperature resistance and long open time. Amber color. 1" diameter x 3"L. Plasticizer resistant for vinyl bonding. Available in .45" diameter as product 6239.   3,900 cps. 0F to 239F Long
2385 EVA. High performance with long open-time for bonding most porous and some non-porous substrates. Used for carpet bonding, cabinet and wood product assembly. Amber color. 1" diameter x 3"L only. Y 4,625 cps. -20F to 150F Long
6239 Polyamide. Low applications viscosity, high temperature resistance and long open time. Plasticizer resistant for vinyl bonding. Used for difficult product assembly applications. Amber color. Y 3,900 cps. 0F to 239F Long
6305 EVA. Fast setting, low viscosity with excellent quick-tack and good heat resistance for packaging. Adheres to a variety of coated and uncoated board stocks. Pale yellow color. Y 1,400 cps. -20F to 174F Short
6327 EVA. Low viscosity, medium open-time, flexible bonding to porous substrates, wood, fabrics, carpeting and some plastics. Economical, good for craft-floral markets. Translucent. Y 11,000 cps. -22F to 158F Medium
6328 EVA. Similar to 6327, except having higher viscosity and longer open-time. Straw color. For bonding wood, fabrics, carpeting and some plastics. Good for craft/floral markets. Y 10,500 cps. -22F to 151F Med-Long
6330 EVA. All purpose, high performance bonding to many difficult substrates, including metals, plastics and polyolefins. Very flexible with long open time. Clear appearance. Y 25,000 cps. -40F to 140F Long
6333 PE-based. Low viscosity, medium open-time, general-purpose bonding of porous substrates provides a wider temperature resistance range than similar products. Opaque, straw color. Y 2,050 cps. -22F to 170F Medium
6363 EVA. All-purpose, high performance, flexible bonds to a wide range of materials. Used in product assembly for dissimilar or difficult substrate materials bonding. Opaque, off-white color. Y 19,000 cps. -22F to 125F Med-Long
6368 PE blend. Combines high viscosity, fast-setting and wide temperature resistance for demanding packaging, product assembly or repair applications. Opaque, light amber color. Y 42,500 cps. -50F to 170F Short
6370 EVA. Very flexible, all-purpose type used in a wide range of craft, floral, carpet and upholstery applications. Semi-clear appearance. Y 11,000 cps. -40F to 140F Medium
6384 EVA. General purpose product with medium-to-high viscosity and medium-to-long open-time. Good bonds to plastics, including polyethylene, polystyrene and polyurethane foams. Y 18,500 cps. -20F to 125F Medium
6390 EVA. Medium open-time, versatile product for bonding many plastics, including ABS, Lexan, polyethylene and phenolics. Good wood bonding. Wide temperature resistance range. Light straw. Y 12,500 cps. -40F to 160F Medium
(1) Compositional compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR 175.105 regarding indirect food contact. Contact Bostik, Inc. for technical assistance.
(2) “Open-time” varies depending on application (gun) temperature, amount of adhesive applied, type of substrate, substrate and ambient temperature(s).
(3) References to “color” or “clarity” are for general descriptive purposes only.
(4) “Temperature Service Range” values are approximate and must be determined or verified by users for their specific applications.
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