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Permatex® Cleaners

Permatex® - Nonflammable Electrical Contact Cleaner  
Permatex® - Nonflammable Electrical Contact Cleaner Ideal for removing grease, oil and other surface contaminants from sensitive electrical and electronic parts to prevent contact failure. Nonflammable, nonconductive and non-corrosive cleaner dries in seconds with no rinsing. Contains no CFCs or Class I ODC's and is safe on all metal surfaces and many plastics.

Suggested Applications: Switches, contacts, relays, motors, PC boards, connectors, tape heads, scales, sensors, control panels.

Product Container Size Details & Price
16 oz. Aerosol Can  (15 oz. net wt.)
12 per Pack

Permatex® - Pro-Strength Brake & Parts Cleaner  
Permatex® - Pro-Strength Brake & Parts Cleaner Aggressively penetrates, dissolves and removes oil, grease, brake fluid. Contains no ODC's.

Suggested applications: Cleaning linings, brake shoes, drums, cylinders, calipers, pads, discs, springs, CV joints, machinery, tools, farm equipment: all parts cleaving.

Product Container Size Details & Price
20 oz. Aerosol Can

Permatex® - Non-Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner  
Penetrates, dissolves and removes dirt and oil from brake systems and metal parts. Safer for aluminum. Leaves no contaminant-attracting residue or chlorinated solvent run-off. Helps manage EPS halide limits.
Product Container Size Details & Price
20 oz. Aerosol Can

Permatex® - Envirosafe ODC-Free Cleaner/Degreaser  
Permatex® - Envirosafe ODC-Free Cleaner/Degreaser A non-aqueous, hydrocarbon-based solvent designed for general purpose industrial cleaning. Safe on aluminum, rubber and most plastics. Effective on lubricating oils, greases, metal curings and fines. Will not cause flash rusting on water-sensitive parts. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds.
Product Container Size Details & Price
20 oz. Aerosol Can
(15 oz. net wt.)
12 per Pack

Permatex® - Plastic Cleaner  
A white, creamy liquid for cleaning and polishing acrylic and other plastic surfaces. Adds new life to plastics, fiberglass, Formica, acrylics and glass without scratching. Forms a water-repellent, anti-static shield which resists fogging. Cleans and polishes Formica, enameled surfaces, ceramics and stainless steel. Contains no ozone depleting compounds. Conforms to federal specifications P-P 560 Type 1.
Product Container Size Details & Price
16 fl. oz. Spray Bottle
12 per Pack

Sprayon® - Citrus Cleaner Degreaser - S00757 and 20757LQ
Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is a heavy duty, multi-purpose degreaser and graffiti remover. This non-chlorinated formula has the cleaning power of solvents to remove grime, dirt, grease, and oil. An outstanding biodegradable cleaner for use in general maintenance, public buildings, transit systems, restrooms, locker rooms and schools. Ideal as a cleaner prior to painting. Leaves refreshing, pleasant scent.

NSF reg. no. 127526; C1 rated

• Biodegradable, heavy-duty, multi-purpose cleaner and graffiti remover

• Pleasant citrus scent

• Removes grimy dirt, grease and oil

• For surfaces such as Formica™, Fiberglas™, wood, ceramic tile and some plastics

• Ideal for public areas subject to abuse

• No CFCs or HCFCs

• Dielectric strength: 40,400 volts

• No chlorinated solvents

Recommended Uses: Walls and fixtures in restrooms, locker rooms, schools, public buildings, transit system vehicles and buildings; also for cleaning residue on molds, aluminum and concrete floors

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00757 20 oz. can
16 oz. net wt.
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