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Top Cote
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Top Cote

Top Cote  
Top Cote

Features a unique fluoropolymer technology that dramatically reduces sliding friction on table saws while it repels dust, dirt, moisture and prevents corrosion. Its dry formula contains no silicone or petroleum and it will never stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes.

TopCote forms a durable, water-repelling dry film on saw tables and tool surfaces to reduce sliding friction and eliminate surface "hang ups." Compared to paste wax, TopCote is 30% slicker,
prevents rust longer and is easier to use.


  • Contains no silicone.
  • Prevents rust 5 times longer than wax or silicone.
  • Lasts 3 times longer than wax.
Product Container Size Details & Price
TopCote-5 6 oz.
TopCote-10 12 oz.
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