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DriCote® Aerosol  
DriCote® Aerosol

Helps achieve cleaner, truer cuts from any blade or bits. It forms a clear, tough, micro-thin coating that greatly reduces friction and extends overall blade life. DriCote prevents resin and pitch build-up to save time and money on blade cleanings and resharpening, while increasing overall yield.

Use DriCote on saw blades, drills and router bits for cleaner, straighter cuts. It forms a tough coating on metal surfaces to reduce cutting friction and resin buildup


  • Prevents resin and pitch buildup.
  • More than doubles time between re-sharpening.
  • Contains no silicone.
Product Container Size Details & Price
DriCote-05 5.5 oz.
DriCote-10 10.75 oz.

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